Visogram SDK

The Visogram SDK, contains everything to get you started in developing your own plugin for Visogram.

It is a Visual Studio 2010/Express solution that can also be opened using MonoDevelop. There are post-build events predefined that automatically install your plugin to Visogram's plugin directory upon building. When you start debugging, it will start Visogram and load your plugin.

The project currently only contains one module. It is a very basic UI module that opens a JavaScript alert() prompt in Visograms User Interface when triggered. For more elaborate examples, take a look at some of the plugins on our Open Source page.

Download VisogramSDK

Module Builder

The module builder helps you creating custom modules. Within seconds you can generate a C# code skeleton for modules. Choose a module name, add properties, inputs and outputs and generate the code. The module builder does automatically place annotations, add functions for the inputs, etc. All you need to do to is to fill the skeleton with your business logic.

Open Module Builder

GitHub Examples

Our Plugins are open-sourced under the GNU v3 Open Source License and can be found on our GitHub repository. You may extend those plugins or use them as code reference for creating your own plugins.




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